When Lemons don’t become Lemonade…

Hey guys, its been an awful long time! I know I know! Life really does happen and some of the time if we sit around waiting for situations to be perfect before we take the next step, we might never take that step… I have learnt that we have to be courageous enough to step out in faith even when we don’t really know what we are walking towards. My friend once said to me, “Toyin, it is better you endure the struggles and get to the mountain top and realise that the view is not worth the stress, than remain in the valley, wondering for the rest of your life how beautiful the view from the mountain top would be. Before I go on and on talking about an entirely different thing than I planned write about, what do you do when Lemons refuse to become lemonade?

It is better to get to the mountain top and realise that the view is not worth the stress than remain in the valley, wondering for the rest of your life how beautiful the view from the mountain top would be. Don’t give up…Not now, not ever!

I am so sure that you have heard this proverbial phrase”If life gives you lemons, make lemonade!”. This phrase is normally used to encourage optimism and a positive can-do attitude in the face of difficulty, adversity or misfortune… According to wiki, lemons are sour (off course we know that!) an lemonade is a sweet drink…

But! What happens when you find yourself in difficult situations that you can’t  seem to get out of? Those kind of situations that make you feel like THIS IS THE END, those situation that make you give up even before trying (oh they exist… trust me!). Those especially hard times you have tried so hard to make lemonade out of the never-ending lemons life keeps throwing at you, but the lemons are so dry that no juice is coming out no matter how hard you try!

           WHAT DO WE DO?












Throw in the towel? (No i’m just joking)

you see.. we are created uniquely, very uniquely, that’s why even twins can be so different… Although we are created uniquely, it is in our relationships with people that we draw strength. The energy you surround yourself with, would ultimately determine the energy you would eventually exude. This gets me to my point…when Life throws you lemons, and you can’t  make lemonade, don’t give up or throw a pity party for yourself… enjoy the process and learn to make a different thing from the lemons… lemons can be used in different ways! (Google it! :))

Personally, I choose to believe that every mess, difficulty or misfortune I have been in has been a blessing in disguise… it is about training your mind to begin to see the 1% positivity in a situation filled with all the negatives. Life doesn’t always go the way we wish it had gone, but we must learn to navigate through the thoughest of times because; training alone do not make skilled sailors, STORMS DO! So when next you find yourself entangled and overwhelmed with the storms of life, choose to see the blessings in the storm… and remember that no situation is permanent, it may be tough today, but there is an end date for every though time… as long as we do not give up. It is always darkest before dawn, it is always hardest before a breakthrough, in labour, the peak of the pain is right before the child is born. Do not give up on your situation, your dream, your career, your goals, your vision for your life because, those things you hope for would come… it is closer than you think.

But remember, good things only come to those who wait and those who wait are those who do not give up… #StayStrong!

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