#SSMusings -1

Hey guys, if you follow me on social media then you must have seen one of my hashtags #ToyinsSSmusings; so what does this mean?

I assure you, its quite straight forward, it simply means Toyin’s Stay Strong Musings. I am quite sure you can relate to this, as we are currently in a world that doesn’t care about our capacity to handle the challenges, trials and temptations it throws at us. It is our duty to STAY STRONG, despite whatever we might be facing because WE ARE MORE THAN CONQUERORS! As a words person, I have been writing these #ToyinsSSmusings for quite sometime and they have helped me through many challenges and phases. It is encouraging sometimes to have a reminder that YOU are GREAT and STILL You shall RISE! so i decided to share some of my musings with you and I hope you will be encouraged. The first #ToyinsSSmusing is just below this sentence 😉


Beyond the boundaries of our minds

Lies the unthinkable,

The Unimaginable,

and Unfathomable…

That are all achievable  

it’s not over…PUSH HARDER!



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