My Top 15 Life lessons of 2015

Hey guys, the year is gradually rounding up and it seems like the days go by faster as we approach the new year. 2015 has been a year for me! I had my own share of obstacles, failures, disappointments, especially those ones that make you question yourself, BUT on the brighter side, its been a successful year, I made a couple of great friends and built stronger relationships; it could be better but thank God its not worse. So straight to the point, I learnt many many hard and easy lessons in 2015 and I shall be sharing my top 15 life lessons with you, enjoy xx

1. Another persons sparkle does not dim your shine, two sparkles radiate more intense shine

2. Its okay not to be okay, but its not okay to remain not okay

3. Friends would come and go, appreciate the good times and accept that not everyone can be in your life forever

4. No matter how much you are in need, be it financially, emotionally, academically etc, THOU SHALL NOT BE A NUISANCE TO ANYBODY.

5. Friends are like lights, they brighten up our lives (You heard it here first!)

6. Confidence covers a multitude of flaws

7. It doesn’t matter if you are misunderstood, how you handle misunderstandings is everything

8. This life is a journey, it is not a RACE.

9. If you have to force something, it is most likely not meant to be

10. Life na turn by turn, your time would come

11. Joy would take you further, pay tributes to those ahead and help those behind

12. Sometimes, age is just a number, maturity is a thing of the mind

13. Reach out! Share your story, it might just inspire someone

14. A lot can change in a year, like you shaving off your hair (LOL!)

15. Even if you are a parrot, learn to shut up. Silence is Golden. BUT do not hide your cowardice behind Silence, SPEAK AT THE RIGHT TIME.

There are many more lessons I would love to share, but these are my top 15, I hope you like them and learn a thing or two.
2016 is almost here, and before you write those new year resolutions, take stock. What went wrong in 2015? how could I have done it better? what went right? these are vital questions to answer before you go into the new year. Beauty might fade, but the way in which we influence people live forever.