Hey guys, I’m glad you visited the blog again. If its your first time, please take sometime to look around. I personally recommend you read “Dear Diary” and “Ahe’ Belemam”, you would love love love it!

So, today, I’m researching on the recent outbreak of the ebola epidemic in West Africa (School work). Did you know that the outbreak in 2013/2014 is the largest and most complex the world has ever seen since the virus was discovered in 1976? WOWZER!!! Anyways, I shall not bore thee with the details and leave that for my Medical Diagnostic lecturer.

Now back to the point, T.O.R>N, dropped in my imagination in the dark of my room, on one of those nights… and I was like,  where have you been??? considering that I have been under a writer’s block since after summer, Nigerian suya probably blocked my creative side and the fear of not meeting those ridiculous deadlines I get, makes me forget I even have a blog. Back to the point, I promise I shall not digress again.

T.O.R>N is still a mystery to me, it is about two friends who love each other, but one (Abike) has life going so well for her, everything seems to be falling into place, this aroused envy in her friend, whose life, she is secretly trying to mend, but still pretending like all is fine, like all those Lagos big girls who look like they never even have to suffer a headache! (Please I’m just joking o!). Abike is currently going through a sad phase and this “Friend” is her ally! This friend then plots against Abike, but because she LOVEs her, she tells Abike of all her plans to ruin her and even advices her to take preventive measures so she doesn’t fall into her trap!

Abike’s friend writes to her;


It is comforting to me that you are sad
                                         And It is my very shoulders you lean on                                                                                           in ur most vulnerable state
Every one is suffering
So should you Abike!   

Hear  word!
         I will help you tear down                                                                                          while secretly mending mine!  
Woman hear word

And when  you die from high BP
I shall be alive; full of life
Abike! Hear word 

Don’t dance to the tune I play                                                                                                 For I want you to languish on the bed of loneliness   
Depression Abike
  cannot help you    

I love you Abike                                                                                                                             But I am jealous wounded lioness
But for love, I forewarn you
To take heed 
Lest you fall!

Just incase you are confused, I assure you the author is still confused! but thats the point! Hope you liked it, Please Like and share!

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