Happy birthday Mum

88416Its been almost two decades I first set my eyes on you, and I can say boldly without fear, ambiguity, or doubt that it was love at first sight. Love at first sight? they may ask, Yes love at first sight. You where the first Human to love me, my Astonishing mother, my fashionista, my teacher, my role model. My heart overflows with joy as you grow older today, you have been my pillar, my defender, my mouth piece, my lioness! ”Our’ elder states woman. As I cast my mind back, to some 10-12 years ago i cant help but smile, You where my ‘CHIEF PURNISHER’ IMG00431-20120616-1803My beautiful disciplinarian mother. Now I understand everything was to make me a better person. My best friend, my encourager, the one person who won’t judge me even if my case was brought to her court. My gist partner, who almost always has something to talk about, My shopping partner!!! my cook, I can go on and on… I treasure the special relationship we have and would not trade it for all the sparkles, shines and glitters. The woman that sees the best in me and trusts in my abilities , I love you undauntedly and exclusively! My Inspiration, friend, chef, chauffeur, adviser, role model, teacher, coach (repeat) You do it all for me. You have always made me feel like the most special person in the world, and I hope you feel the same way too…  You boost my confidence, my energy (Lucozade boost has nothing on you), you challenge me to be a better person, God is so wise for  making you my mother. Everyone says their mum is the best, but believe me, a day with ”Mrs Coker” your life would never remain the same. I can brag about you mum everywhere and anywhere, you are special to all of us! Dad, David, Emma, Obi and yours truly. Although, David may not always meet your curfews, Obi may always forget to bring his plate out of his room, Emma may dodge all the work sometimes, its like peter never listens, and me? (I reserve my comment) but the truth still remains that you are extremely special, you are a queen and off course the best mother in the whole wide world!!! Happy birthday mummy! lots of smooshy loveey looooovveeyyy love (lol)! L(34) May today be filled with soo much joy and happiness, May God grant you all your heart desires, may he make you wiser and off-course, may you live lonngggggggggggg. PS: Ignore the fan yogo in my hand.

Happy Birthday Daddyy!!!

IMG00896-20120730-1721I’ve been sitting in front of my computer, three hours straight thinking of the best way to describe You Mr Feyi Coker, but to be honest words fail me…You are my father, my comforter, my hero, the only man that picks up ALL my bills without complaining, my teacher, my  coach, my inspiration, my motivation, the one that encourages me to be bold and courageous, the one who reminds me constantly that impossibility is not a fact!, ”My bulldozer! the one that always does something for one -two one-two” (lol, this is radio language). Daddy words elude me You are amazing!!! As you clock a year older today, I am filled with Such great joy and thanks to God for preserving your life till this day. You have been a pillar of support, a pillar of everything . I pray that God Grants you the longesttttt life everr, and everything you have ever prayed for.  There are fathers and there is a Father! You are a Father, I can’t thank God enough for making you my Father, you are a great gift from God to me! you always put me first, even at the times we argue, you have never failed, even for once in performing your duties as my Father . sometimes, I wonder how you cope, with all the work and stress you go through just to make us comfortable, from white collar jobs, to construction sites, to the times of shorts and shirts and off course your signature palm slippers, to impromptu trips, My workaholic that creates time for me! YOU ARE A SUPER DAD! You are never afraid to get you hands and body dirty, as you say, there is dignity in labor and independence. You inspire me to be the best I can be,Your life is an inspiration to everyone who hears about you story  ( you should write a book someday). You are my superstar, the freshest dad ever liveth (Yes i said it!), My Accountant, my guardian, my special gift from God, My FATHER!

IMG00901-20120730-2015IMG01152-20120810-1729May God grant You all the desires of your heart, May you be blessed beyond measure, May God protect and guide you Jealously and may you be victorious all year round! Happy birthday DAD I love you soo much !!!  Ps: I attached a short video please find it by clicking this link  http://flipagram.com/f/NtzJHYTgTd


JCC Youth weekend


The Annual Youth week  of Jcc is is almost at its destination, we have been expecting it for so long! it will finally arrive on March 13th  ! whoolahlah (that’s my Daddy’s birthday). so why am I posting this? this is not just an advert, it is a message… an invite to be inspired, motivated, and most importantly to be filled by the spirit of God. Better still, Have a feel of what God can do with the Young people like You; who knows, your spirit might just be fired up, and oh my God! your ”spiritual Jackie chan skills” will triple! and trust me, the devil is in trouble!


Somebody say Amen? Amen!

The theme for the year is Destination, and The Youth week has been Tagged RESTORE!!! You know all those things You have lost and you need them for your destination? It shall be restored in this programme, Haa, You remember that person that is owing you money? Come and tell God so the money can be  RESTORED to You! no joke!  So people, if You are in Coventry, don’t miss this for anything!!

PS: If you have not bought the RESTORE Shirts, You slacking big time o! its a moving train don’t be left behind! see the flyer at the top for more details…