How Deep Rooted Is Your Passion

Hello Guys!! trust you are having an amazing day, even though you don’t ask me about mine, I will tell you: So yea, I had this Lecture and the lecturer started talking about Martin Luther King’s ” I Have a Dream” speech, it was an amazing speech I must confess, but it all became awkward  when he began to cry, he was so passionate about it, raw undiluted passion. This got me thinking, what could have ignited such a passion? was it because he has been subject to racism? has he been denied what rightfully belongs to him? alot of questions flooded through my mind as I giggled and laughed along with the rest of the class at his deep rooted passion for just a confederation of consonants and vowels that is older than 5 decades . So as usual, I asked Google: Tap tap, smart Google whats the meaning of passion? and off course Google answered and I felt like a #BOSS

images (5)I understood that true Passion never dies, that is why my Lecturer still felt so passionate for Martin Luther’s speech , but not all passions are true, some of them are momentary,  anyway that’s a post for another day. I decided to make my own version of a part of the famous ”I have a dream speech”. Hope you like it!!

I have a dream that one day,the young will rise up and stop settling for mediocre lives, that their childhood dreams and aspiration will refuse to die as they grow older. I have a dream,that one day,  dreams deeply rooted in the hunger to succeed and the urge to be  planet shakers will come alive and not be murdered in dreamland .

I have a dream that one day, our leaders would  indulge in self aggrandizement for the right reasons and not selfish interests.

I have a dream that one day, Barbecue brown (a color that I invented) would be acknowledged world wide and that some National flags would be portrayed in this color (don’t laugh, remember impossibility is nothing).

I have a dream, that one day, I won’t have to remind you, yes You to like, comment and share posts from this blog.



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Letter to Phebe

Dear Phebe,

Something has been bothering my mind since the last time we spoke about the future, You were full of fear; fear of the unknown and fear of the future. You reminded me so much about other young bright people I’ve met, bursting with potentials. So many beautiful dreams of top notch meetings, state of the act cribs and rides, Chains of oil wells and companies, ”obese”  bank accounts, dreams of becoming president  name it! great aspirations flooding through their minds. But what saddens me is that majority of them wait for the perfect time to start this journey to ”Dream Actualization”, little by little their dreams take a downward slope, efficacy therefore becomes zero (efficacy=0), and when they realize how behind time they are, most of them give up and settle for mediocre lives. Millions of questions might be flooding through your mind, some of which I can guess, and the rest forgive me I don’t have the ability to read minds (Yet). When is the perfect time to do a great thing? when is the right time to start? when is the right time to inspire, help and motivate someone? when is the right time to to learn what leadership truly is about? I overheard you saying you want to be the CEO of the biggest multinational company, (forgive me for eavesdropping). The right time to start is now, doesn’t matter if you are 17, 30 or 40. If you wait for the perfect factors, they will never show up, because they do not exist, You have to create your perfect time, the perfect opportunity and the perfect platform.You may think Its too late now, your friends; Damiete, Omolola, Ogechi and Halima all seem to be ahead of You, its never to late to start your journey to ”Dream Actualization”. ”better late than never”, remember that phrase Mr Columbus uses all the time? sure you do. Wise, Rich Solomon said”I have observed something else under the sun. The fastest runner doesn’t always win the race, and the strongest warrior doesn’t always win the battle. The wise sometimes go hungry, and the skillful are not necessarily wealthy. And those who are educated don’t always lead successful lives. It is all decided by chance, by being in the right place at the right time”. So don’t give up, trust in God to help You (He never disappoints) , talk to him about any and everything.Oh one more thing, remember that blog we were talking about? it has finally started!!. Finally, as You start a new week, i want You to ponder on all these things I have told You, start your journey to dream actualization, without fear, for God has not given you the spirit of fear but of courage. I will write to you more often.